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ESCP Europe
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ESCP Europe offers EMBA scholarships to offset tuition fees for outstanding candidates whose profiles will help further the School’s mission of creating a learning environment dedicated to excellence, multiculturalism and diversity. You can apply once you have been accepted on the programme.

Open to all self-funding women who have been admitted, demonstrate excellence in leadership and the ability to support the development of her female peers.
Award amount:  €10 000.  Apply here.

Open to all self-funding employees of an NGO or Not-for-Profit who have been admitted to the programme, and who are dedicated to the ongoing development of the sector.
Award amount: €10 000.   Apply here.
Open to all self-funding nationals of an emerging market country who have been admitted to the EMBA, and employed by a company whose headquarters are in your home country. Award amount: €10 000.   Apply here.

Open to all company-sponsored employees of a small and medium-sized enterprise who have been admitted.  The SME must not have more than 250 employees worldwide, and be based in Europe.
Award amount:  €10 000.   Apply here.

Deadline for submission  : We must receive your scholarship application before Monday 15 October 2012.
The decision will be
communicated to applicants by Friday 16 November 2012

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