Ronald Reagan College Leaders Scholarship

Ronald Reagan College Leaders Scholarship
Ronald Reagan College Leaders Scholarship

The 2013 – 2014 Ronald Reagan College Leaders Scholarship Progam application process is now open.

1. Purpose. This program’s purpose is to recognize and assist outstanding young undergraduate student activists for the cause of freedom, American values, and constitutional principles. A renewable scholarship shall be awarded to help defray college expenses, including tuition and fees, room and board, and related costs.


2. Eligibility. Applicants shall be U.S. citizens enrolled and in good standing as full-time students in accredited, 4-year degree-granting institutions in the U.S. or its possessions, shall have successfully completed the first year (i.e., freshman year) of studies before being eligible for consideration, and can apply for an award after having commenced the second (i.e., sophomore) year of studies. Students in their third (i.e., junior) year may apply for a one-time scholarship for the senior year. Students at two-year schools may apply as juniors for a one-time award for the senior year upon transfer to a four-year institution. The nature of this scholarship is merit-based rather than need-based. However, evidence of financial need will be taken into consideration.


3. Application. Students may apply directly or may be nominated by a third party. All applications must be postmarked by January 17 and include the following:

a. Certification from the registrar, dean of students, or other appropriate official that the applicant is currently enrolled as a full-time student, is in good standing (i.e., not subject to academic or disciplinary sanction) and is or will be at the start of the next term, quarter or semester carrying at least the minimum number of academic hours necessary to remain enrolled and qualified as a full-time student.

b. A written narrative of no fewer than 500 words nor more than 750 words describing the applicant’s background, educational and career objectives, and scope of participation and leadership in activities which promote the cause of freedom, American values, and constitutional principles. This would include leadership and achievements in responsible political organizations or clubs, community activities, expository activities such as newspaper columns, speeches, debates, etc. Examples of how the applicant has helped to make a discernible difference at his or her college or university, has helped change the political environment, has persuaded others or gained a following, or has otherwise distinctively advanced the cause of freedom, American values, and constitutional principles should be stressed and will be of determining interest to the award committee.

c. Supporting documentation or materials, such as news media articles, letters, pamphlets, videotapes, audiotapes or similar items which provide evidence of the applicant’s active involvement in campus or community leadership.

d. At least two letters of recommendation. These letters must be on letterhead. Undated, unsigned letters with no return address, since they cannot be authenticated, are unacceptable.

At its discretion and expense, the awards committee or The Phillips Foundation trustees may request applicants to appear for a personal interview prior to approving a scholarship.

 4. The Award. A selection committee constituted by The Phillips Foundation shall review and consider all qualified applications and recommend candidates to the Foundation’s trustees for final decisions. The Foundation will award an indefinite number of scholarships per year based solely on the merits of applications received, but reserves the right to make no award(s). Annual scholarships shall be in the amount of $10,000, $7,500 $5,000, $2,500 or other amounts at the Trustees’ discretion and shall be made available to the student at the start of the third (i.e., junior) year of studies. Taxes, if any, shall be the responsibility of the student.

Scholarship winners shall be eligible to apply for renewal for the fourth (senior) year of studies but must meet the minimum standards outlined in Part 2 and Part 3A above.

The Phillips Foundation reserves the right to amend this announcement without notice; however, any amendments shall not prejudice current or renewing applicants who may receive a scholarship under this program based on the criteria given in this announcement.

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Attn.: Jeff Hollingsworth
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