CBS PhD Scholarship in OIM

Copenhagen Business School invites applications for a vacant PhD scholarship within the field of operations and innovation management. The three-year PhD programme at CBS enables selected applicants to conduct research under the supervision of CBS professors, supported by research training courses. The programme is highly international, and selected applicants are expected to participate in international research conferences and to spend time abroad as a visiting PhD student. It is also required that the applicant shows an interest in joining the Department’s research environment. CBS PhD graduates are held in high esteem not only in academia and research institutions but also in government and business where their research qualifications are increasingly demanded.

The Department’s research profile covers and integrates five academic research areas:

  1. Supply chain management (design of flows of goods, services, knowledge and information between firms);
  2. Performance management (design, use, and effects of financial and non-financial measures in strategy development and implementation);
  3. Innovation management (deployment of management tool to connect technology, organisation and markets);
  4. Operations management (relation between production, organization, and strategy in manufacturing and service industries);
  5. Managerial economics (decision modelling around pricing, costing, production planning and forecasting).

To be considered, the candidate should:

  • Must have successfully completed Masters degree before commencing PhD at CBS.
  • Have an educational background in the social sciences.
  • The applicants must be fluent in English.


The application must include a 5 page project description. This research proposal should contain a presentation of an original research question, a description of the initial theoretical framework and methodology, a presentation of the suggested empirical material as well as a work-plan. In addition to the research proposal, the application must include:

  • Copy of a Master’s degree certificate or other certificates of a corresponding level.
  • Brief CV.
  • List of papers and publications, and one copy of a selected written work (e.g. Master’s thesis).
  • Applicants must enclose documentation for English language skills. Documentation of GRE and/or GMAT scores is strongly encouraged.

For submitting GMAT scores, look up Copenhagen Business School in the GMAC register and choose the PhD Program.
A committee of experts in the field in question will assess the applications. The assessment of the applicants will be based on the quality and relevance of the project, including an evaluation of the applicant’s ability to accomplish it. Following this assessment, the management of the department will select the winners of the scholarships.
All interested candidates may apply online.


The scholarships are fully salaried positions, according to the national Danish collective agreement. The scholarship includes:

  • Tuition fees
  • Office space
  • Travel grants
  • Salary, currently starting with per month app. DKK 23.770 (app. 3,160 euro) up to DKK 28.964 (app. 3,860 euro) depending on seniority, plus a pension contribution totalling 17,1 % of 85 per cent of the base salary.

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