CyberCorps : Scholarship for Service

CyberCorps : Scholarship for Service (SFS)
CyberCorps : Scholarship for Service (SFS)

The program seeks proposals that address cybersecurity education and workforce development. The Scholarship Track provides funding to award scholarships to students in cybersecurity. In return for their scholarships, recipients will work after graduation for a Federal, State, Local, or Tribal Government organization in a position related to cybersecurity for a period equal to the length of the scholarship. The Capacity Track seeks innovative proposals leading to an increase in the ability of the United States higher education enterprise to produce cybersecurity professionals.

For the Scholarship Track: A proposing institution must provide clearly documented evidence of a strong existing program in cybersecurity. Such evidence can include Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education (CAEIAE, or in Research, CAE-R) designation by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security; a specialized designation by a nationally recognized organization (for example, in forensics or cyber operations); or equivalent evidence documenting a strong program in cybersecurity.

Award Information
Anticipated Type of Award : Standard Grant or Continuing Grant
Estimated Number of Awards: 20 to 30 consisting of 10-15 Scholarship Track awards and 10-15 Capacity Building Track awards
Anticipated Funding Amount: $23,000,000
In FY 2013 for new awards under this program solicitation. Scholarship awards are usually funded as continuing grants over a five-year period.

Full Proposal Deadline(s) (due by 5 p.m. proposer’s local time) :  October 12, 2012
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